Buckmark carbon fouling reliability issues.

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  1. Hello. I am looking to get a good .22 target/training piston. The Buckmark line really caught me eye, and the fit in the hand is really good. However, after reading a number of reviews and watching some videos, I've seen a number of reviewers (some pretty reputable), saying that there are some reliability issues. Specifically, FTF's due to build up on the feed ramp. People were saying that they needed to clean the feed ramp every 50-60 rounds to avoid this. It wasn't a huge failure rate (4 out of 200, and 11 out of 650), and this pistol isn't for self-defense, but that does seem to be a little bit of a tedious routine, even for range work. Can anyone speak to this, is it a known issue.

    Thank you.
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    The Buck Mark is a pistol whose reliability I can attest to...having owned one for 20 years now.

    I have never experienced the fouling problems you mentioned...but I do clean the gun after every range trip.

    ( Remembering of course that some lead tipped ammo can be dirtier than others...I usually use brass plated... Remington Golden Bullet...or copper plated CCI Mini-Mag rounds ...therefore less lead fouling per shooting session. )

    { Here is my circa 1997 Buck Mark pictured with a old school red dot scope: }

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    I've been testing different ammo, and I'm convinced the ammo makes a difference. I can shoot Browning all day ( hyperbole) but when I stared shooting CCI, the carbon built up and I had ftfs. The weighted end of a bore snake wouldn't drop down the bore. Loaded up some more Brownings and they chambered fine. Need to do some more testing. Federal game shocks seem to do fine. Remington's didn't get a fair test, because I fired them after the CCIs.
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