Browning rebate?

Discussion in 'The Past, Present And Future Of Browning' started by donutslayer, May 15, 2017.

  1. While at a local gun shop looking at a new x bolt, the guy there says that Browning has a $50 rebate on the x bolt starting the 26th of this month. I cant find any info on the web about it. Does anybody know about this rebate?
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    First time hearing it...I will check it out.
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  3. I finally called Browning as there is nothing on their website. It is a promotion of their firearms. Up to $100 off. The x bolt qualifies for $50 off when purchased from May 26th thru July 15th. woo hooo, new x bolt here I come. Havent made my mind up yet if its gonna be a 270WSM or a 300WSM.
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    Thanks for the update...

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