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    That’s a very nice neat little club . Great images. I live in pretty good hub where I have three within the hour and two hour and half away for skeet ,trap or sporting. My home club has three skeet and seven trap layouts along with a bunker and does five stand and walk through sporting. Bit of a one stop shop.
    Difference here is all the clubs are volunteer based sporting organisations with no private ownership models due to government regulations and B S . So with multiple bodies and no one recognised national setup the levels of professionalism , what discipline you can shoot where , along with maintenance vary greatly.
    Bike setup looks cool. Man if you headed off down the road like that here they would have the SWAT team onto you.
    I will work on posting couple of images.
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  2. I like this club, and it's pretty cheap at $25 (U.S.) per year. A round of skeet or trap is $6. I've never done sporting clays or 5-stand, mainly trap. I'd like to see some pics when you get a chance. Take care.

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