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    Here is the place to talk about any and all Reviews for your Browning BL-22 Rifle.
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    I just read the test of the BL-22 in comparison to the Marlin 39A and Henry Golden Boy in the current issue of Shooting Times by Layne Simpson. He averaged five five-shot groups at fifty yards which is enough shots to estimate accuracy and the fifty yards is reasonable. The BL came in third with an average of 3.6 minute of angle. The other two were somewhat better at 3.0 for the Marlin and 2.4 for the Henry. Even with the top line Laura Midas ammunition on average they didn't shoot any better.

    These results more or less matches what I have found over the years for a variety of moderately priced hunting weight 22s. I know cheap ammo isn't great but in a decent target rifle or a really good sporter most of it will shoot near 1.0 moa. When I test a garden variety 223 they usually average near or under 1 moa. I don't want to compare apples to potatoes but we know the 22rf bench resters shoot that Laupa, and other, ammo near .5 moa so the 22rf isn't inherently inaccurate and has potential. Why can't we have better 22rf rifles to hunt with without getting an aftermarket barrel?

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    Good point...
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    I have a Marlin 39A Golden that was made in 1981. It shoots way better than that. It has a Leopold 2X7 and will shoot sub moa all day long, if I do my part. Winchester HP or Remington HP hunting ammo shoots nearly as well as RWS OR Laupa target ammo. I've heard stories about the new Remington built 39's having all kinds of problems. I have shot a couple older Winchester 9422's that shot almost as well. If you are looking for an accurate LA .22 , look for an older Marlin 39 A or M or an older 9422 , though I like the Marlin much better. Marlin trigger is simple to tune, btw, just a light hone and a fine abrasive. Got mine down to a crisp 2.5 lbs. If you look at a Marlin, look for the (JM) stamp on the barrel and made in New Haven, Ct.

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