Browning BAR 300 Win Mag Custom Tactical Rifle

Discussion in 'Browning BAR Rifle' started by Big Dad, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Big Dad

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    I saw one of these Browning BAR 300 win mag rifles converted into a Tactical Beast. Has anyone seen or heard of Who would do a custom conversion..... bar300wm2.jpg bar300wm2.jpg Picture263.jpg clip_image002smir.jpg
  2. SHOOTER13

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    I'll have to let other more knowledgeable people weigh in on this one...

    I like the way it looks in your avatar...
  3. MZ5

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    EDITED to correct my flawed recollection.

    I believe that to be an Arms Tech SMIR. Arms Tech Ltd is in Phoenix, at around Central and Camelback, last I knew. The bottom photo in your post is the stock photo on their website, I believe. The rifle is a 300 Win Mag, and I _think_ they remove the gas system, making it essentially a straight-pull bolt gun. I may not recall that part correctly, however.
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  4. MZ5

    MZ5 .270 WIN

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