Browning AB3 Bolt Disassembly

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    Does anyone know the procedure for disassembling the bolt on the new AB3? I just want to clean and lubricate like I do on my other rifles. It says in the owner's manual to send it to their service center for cleaning. To me, I don't think it could be that complicated to do. Thanks for any help.
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    Despite what other replies advise about holding back sear tab and unscrewing to get firepin out, it turns out that doesn’t work for AB3 model.

    It tuns out that firepin assembly is held inside the bolt by the charging handle - so removing charging handle allows the firepin assembly to drop out. So if anyone gets frustrated with taking apart AB3 bolt assembly, please share this video showing how to remove the charging handle.

    P.S. - the Winchester action in this video is identical to the AB3.
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    I am new to Brownings and finally I added X-Bolt to my bolt-action collection. When it comes to bolts m brain is set to Mausers and nothing bits Mausers bolts because they are simple and east to disassembly, clean, lube and reassembly. I posted on another forum a similar question about my X-Bolt that Lonehawk did here about his AB3-Bolt and I was advised by a couple of forum members (Northwest Firearm Forum) not to disassembly Browning bolts as they are tricky to be assembled back. The videos above are not related to Browning bolts, so they might be useless to Browning owners. I did see a couple of videos how to work on bolts from A-Bolt rifles, but the question is how similar are A-Bolt, X-Bolt, and AB3-Bolt bolts? One minor difference can become a huge hassle, and one might end up having to send bolt to Browning to get re-assembled correctly.

    Dan from Seattle

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