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    Hi, I'm a new member and am trying to get some information on a BLR 22 that I bought some years back. I was in a local Western Auto Store and the owner asked me if I wanted to see a new shipment of Browning rifles he had just received. They were BLR 22's, and were part of the first 22 rifles to be made in Japan. After looking at one of them I bought one. The following week in I was back in the store an the owner asked me if I still had the rifle. I told him I did and then he told me to pick any firearm in the store and he would trade me even for my rifle, I told him I did not want too, but asked him why I didn't want too. He told me that the ATF had come to his store and picked up all of his rifles except the one I bought. They told him that the Manufacturer in Japan had erroneously stamped the serial # on the barrel instead of the Receiver. After going home I confirmed that my rifle was stamped on the barrel only and set the rifle back. I have tried to find additional information over the years but no luck, can someone on here shed additional light on this. The only thing I know for sure is that I have the BLR 22 with the serial number stamped on the barred and none on the Rec.
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    First I'm hearing this story...
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    Shooter13, If you know of a way I could contact Browning and get more information I would appreciate it.
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    Old thread but; if you go to Browning site you can look up your see # It also explains the screwed up ones and actually tells you how to decipher them. Hope this helps!
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