BL-22 Grade 2 AAA Maple

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  1. Well my LGS really cost me yesterday.
    I went to order a Browning 7 1/4" Buck Mark. When I got there talking to the owner I told him that he never did get me a S&W Model 41 that I wanted. He got looking on the web at his distributers and noticed that he still had the Model 41 and also a BL-22 Maple on his wish list that was also never filled. I had also told him over a year ago that I wanted one of the Maples. That's why it was on his wish list. So he called three different distributers and on the third call he found the Model 41 that they were holding for someone else. They would call him and see if he still wanted it. Called him and he backed out of it. So my Model 41 S&W is on the way and that same distributer also had two Maple BL-22's Grade two triple AAA. Not sure what the AAA means but I am stoked. Both guns are suppose to be in on Monday, Tuesday at the latest but they are suppose to be there Monday.
    Man am I stoked to finally get a Maple BL-22
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    Congrats, please post some pictures when you get it.
  3. Thanks sure will due
  4. Guy's/Gal's
    Received my Maple yesterday. What a Beauty. Absolutely Awesome looking. Took her out to the range today and at 25 yards did not even have to move the sights. One thing about Browning, the factory sights are always right on for my. Did not have to move a thing. Fired and handle perfect. Happy, Happy, Happy as the saying goes.
    Pictures to come soon.

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