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    A quick review of my new BAR Mk3 in 308win. Scope arrived on Friday. Got her setup and out we went Sunday. I only put in 16rds and she ran as expected, flawless. Got her sighted in at 200yrds so decided to back down to 100yrds and shoot a few 3 shot groups. Not enough shooting to show much of an average but does show potential. Temperature was 21 celsius and getting hotter as the day went so I was limited for time. I was shooting my recipe for Hornady 155gr Match BTHP with 3x fired brass. I was more about sighting her in than shooting groups but I thought what the heck why not? Results are below and I'm pretty happy. I dont think I'm going to change anything. Minus the bipod, she weighs 8.2 lbs with empty magazine. Not too bad. Groups were shot with bipod in front and sandbag in rear with a somewhat stable table. Trigger feels the same as any me more of a two stage. The recoil pad is ok....still feels like my older BAR's with the hard wooden buttpad. Overall I'm happy with her. Will have to do more shooting when it's cooler and see how she runs.

    [​IMG] Here she is topped with a Bushnell Elite 4200 1.25-4x24. Good out to 300yrds with my poor eyesight [​IMG] First group after sighting in. Barrel still warm. 30 seconds between shots.

    [​IMG] After 10mins to cool down. Second group. 30 seconds between shots. Yes that's three shots there.
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