BAR BLR pressed in barrels

Discussion in 'Browning BAR Rifle' started by BARluvr, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. BARluvr

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    Can anyone say when Browning started pressing barrels instead of using threads. What is the advantage/disadvantage of this method of rifle production?
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Not sure on when the change from threads to pressing of barrels occurred...

    But, I would imagine production costs would be lower.

    Not many users change the barrel of a new firearm in their lifetime...
  3. MZ5

    MZ5 .270 WIN

    Didn't know they ever installed BAR barrels any other way than the current way. Did they ever thread into... something other than a pressed-in extension?
    The parts schematics at Brownells(.com) sort of lead me to believe they've never been threaded. That's not a photo, though; just a parts schematic.
  4. SHOOTER13

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