16ga a5 double safety

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    A Stealth is an unmarked Light Twelve. Made in 47 and 48 I believe
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  2. That is what I thought. I have a couple of those along with the unmarked sweet 16s. I have two three shot sweet 16s, one is not marked, i was very lucky on that gun as I didn't realize it was a three shot until it came in.
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    The Light Twelve debuted in 1946. I had one and sold it to a friend of mine. At the time I thought I’d find a better one.
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  4. What is a mint one worth, say 98%? I might consider selling one of mine if the money is right.
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    I don’t think they sell for a premium because few people recognize what they are.
  6. Recognize or are aware of? That is why you get proper documentation from browning on said stealth 12 gauge or sweet 16. It takes quite some time but I am getting all my collection documented for that very reason. I run across those unmarked guns quite frequently the first one i found was 30 years ago at an auction. I picked it up for my oldest sons 16th birthday, the wood was junk but the metal was decent. Everyone thought it was a prewar standard weight, $110.00 later my son had his first browning. In the last year I picked up four unmarked sweet sixteens alone.
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    The documentation from Browning was cool on the first one, but they don't have all the records for everything, so while it gives some history, I have found not all details are correct and or not mentioned in complete detail, so it leaves lots of questions. Sometimes more so than before the letter.

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